Who we are

Our Farm


Our Farm is located in Tuscany's hearth, almost equally close to the prominent and famous cities of Florence, Arezzo and Siena. The property is kept in the family since three generations. Our legacy is to keep the maximum respect for the environment, keeping treatments on the fields to the minimum. We have 4.5ha of grapes, 1 of olive trees and 3ha of woods.

The winery and a new structure designed and built with the aim of keeping grapes manipulation to the strict necessity until the final product. Being small our purpose and aim is just quality.

The property is 200 sq m of basement with insulated walls and roof to ensure a correct and constant temperature.

Every operation on the fields is strictly hand made.

Our offer


TO our clients we offer:

  • Arduino
  • Donna Palmira
  • Gorpe

You can found all the details in the wine section.


Our oil is an excellent quality product, the olives are collected manually and pressed very quickly. The selection of the olives is very severe and some olive trees are able to produce a few kilograms of olives. The slow filtration (over 24 hours) using cotton sheeting allows the oil to maintain the natural tastes and aroma. Cultivation is completely organic.

The future

We have big projects.
Our passion for truffles begins nearly 10 years ago, thanks to our dogs, that allow us to find these precious fruits that the forest offers. An area of ​​our property has been allocated as a growth area for the precious tuber. We have always been hunters and the relationship between us and our dogs has been handed down for generations.
Currently the company produces three types of wine but the project, in a few years, is to produce two more types of wine and a sweet wine: "Occhio di Pernice".