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Gorpe Toscana Bianco I.G.T. 2019

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  • TYPE: White Wine i.g.t. Tuscan
  • VINTAGE: 2019
  • GRAPE: White Malvasia
  • ALCOHOL: 12.5 ° Vol.
  • FORMAT:  Bottle 75.0 cl
  • FERMENTATION: in steel tanks

12,00 €tax incl.

This wine is made from hand-picked, carefully selected grapes from the vineyard. This is followed by a pre-fermentation and maceration of the liquid with the skins and left for 18 hours with dry ice which acts as an antioxidant that preserves the primary aromas, after which the must is extracted and fermented at a low temperature 16° C / 60,8° F, for about 30 days.

"Gorpe", the name of this wine is a dialect word in our town, meaning "fox".
The fox has always lived in our countryside, and even if it is an animal that can cause damage to other farm animals, people have always been fascinated by the fox for its duality. The fox can be found in many Italian proverbs and stories, in particular the story "la volpe e l’uva" (The Fox and The Grape) by the Latin writer Fedro. 

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